Office of the President


Under the leadership of President Mathew Johnson, the Office of the President brings together the chief officers of the College and the office’s executive staff. Albion College’s chief officers collaborate closely with the president to lead focused areas of executive responsibility around key institutional priorities. They join the president and vice presidents to form the President’s Cabinet.

Chief Officers of the College

Chief of Staff

Kelly Finn

Phone: (517) 629-0195

Kelly Finn serves as a representative of President Johnson, leading campus-wide projects and initiatives. Her role increases efficiency in the Office of the President and fosters collaboration across units. Kelly has expertise in student development, event and project management, assessment, professional development facilitation and building systems across divisions to accomplish shared goals.

Before coming to Albion, Finn managed the Bonner Community Fellowship and led student development program design at the Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University, working with more than 1,800 students and partners in the Providence area to support community engagement and co-curricular activities. Previously, she served at Siena College as director of the Bonner Fellowship. Finn is a national leader in the Bonner Foundation National Network, having served on multiple committees and led national network-wide workshops.

Finn is committed to bridging silos that exist across campus to build more equitable and collaborative spaces. She is passionate about addressing issues of inequity for all members of the Albion community, including students, staff, administrators and faculty. Finn aims to foster a sense of shared purpose and strong vision among teams.

Chief Financial Officer

National search currently underway.

Chief Belonging Officer, Title IX Coordinator

Keena Williams

Phone: (517) 629-0501

Keena Williams serves as the Chief Belonging Officer and Title IX Coordinator, a new position in the President’s Cabinet. In this role, Keena is responsible for supporting the institution in moving beyond the rhetoric of diversity and inclusion toward a true sense of belonging. This work is centered around the Blueprint for Belonging, which requires every unit within the College to articulate their public commitment to belonging.

An advocate for change, student success and transparency, Williams brings her whole self into this role. She has spent the vast majority of her professional career in the Division of Student Development at Albion College. Williams has worked closely with students, student organizations, faculty and staff to identify opportunities for institutional growth and change. She believes in the power of collaboration and coalition building to move initiatives forward and works diligently to bring members from across campus together.

As an Albion College alumna, Keena recognizes the importance of the liberal arts, the magic of the residential experience and the educational opportunities that a community like Albion provides. She is excited to be a part of this moment in the history of the College as it positions itself to be a leader in small, private liberal arts institutions. The time is now to be the change she wants to see!

Chief Planning Officer

National search currently underway.

Chief Communications Officer

National search currently underway.

Office of the President Staff

Executive Assistant to the President

Morgan Seemann

Phone: (517) 629-0210

Morgan Seemann brings over 14 years of administrative experience to her role in the Office of the President. She has expertise in collaborative team management, correspondence and scheduling. Seemann’s experience in broad scope project management and strategic planning make her an invaluable asset to Albion College.

After graduating from Albion College, Seemann moved to Chicago to earn her master’s degree. During her 15 years in Chicago, she had numerous unique opportunities to work with excellent organizations, notably working directly with and being mentored by one of Crain’s “Most Powerful Women in Chicago,” Diana Rauner, president of the Ounce of Prevention Fund and first lady of Illinois.

Seemann’s discipline and dedication to excellence have allowed her to travel the world as a classically trained musician, gaining valuable exposure to world cultures and people. These experiences have broadened her skill in personality and people management by providing a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics and relationships.

Seemann is committed to working with Dr. Johnson and the President’s Cabinet to build a comprehensive, robust and safe environment for future Britons to successfully pave their way forward in their chosen fields.

Executive Assistant to the Provost

Luann K. Shepherd

Phone: (517) 629-0222

Luann Shepherd has worked at Albion College since 1987 when she started as a temporary clerical for the Provost’s Office. Since then, she has served as an Administrative Secretary for Communications and later, Marketing and Communications. There, she was responsible for the College’s photo archiving system, writing class notes for Io Triumphe! magazine and managing office responsibilities. In 2016, she became the administrative assistant to the vice president for alumni relations and advancement. In this role, she served as supervisor to the office’s clerical support staff while managing all office needs. In 2020, Luann moved to a new role in the Office of the President as an executive assistant with focused support for the Provost’s Office.

In her spare time, Shepherd likes spending time with her family, her cats, reading and painting bisque at a local pottery studio.